Our Best Tips for Year-Round Water Slide and Pool Maintenance

You finally have your own custom Water Slide! You can enjoy a fun and relaxing pool experience without leaving your property. That’s awesome! But do you know how to take care of water slides throughout the year?

Taking care of pools and pool slides isn’t hard, but it does require a bit of research and work if you want to keep your at-home oasis in good condition for as long as possible. We’re here to help you out with that!

Read on for our top tips for year-round maintenance for custom slides and pools.

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Ah, spring. For most people, this is when water slides for backyards start to become functional again after the long frost of winter. It’s time to get the pool and slide up and running again so you’re ready for a fun summer! If you use a winter cover for your pool or pool slide, remove it and clean it before storing it away for the season. Cleaning it well will help you avoid mold problems. Speaking of cleaning, remove debris and clean your inground pool, including the walls and floor. Vacuum the pool to remove any remaining debris if necessary. You can use a soft brush or a pressure washer to clean the surface of your pool slide, ladder, and any other components. After cleaning, check all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, accessories, and heaters, to ensure they are in good working condition. Replace or repair any damaged parts before you plan on jumping in for the first time so you can have a safe and enjoyable season!


Summer is the best time for backyard slides and pools. During the summer, you’re focusing on consistent cleaning and maintenance so you can keep enjoying your fun customized outdoor space. During the summer months, run the pool pump and filtration system for a few hours each day to keep the water clear and clean. Make sure to skim the pool’s surface regularly to remove leaves, bugs, and debris. Wipe down your custom slide and keep it free of dirt and debris. Empty skimmer baskets and pool cleaner bags as needed to keep everything clean and nice. You should continuously test and adjust the pool’s chemical balance to maintain good water quality. Test the water at least once a week. You should also shock the pool with chlorine or a non-chlorine shock treatment regularly, especially after heavy use or rain. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your slide for signs of wear, including fading, peeling paint, or corrosion. However, this is unlikely, especially when your slide is still new.


Autumn is when pool season tends to wrap up for most of us. During the first half, you’ll be taking care of your pool and pool slide just as you were during the summer. During the latter half, you’ll be preparing it for the colder months. As leaves start falling, use a pool cover or leaf net to prevent them from entering the pool. Clean skimmer baskets and filters more often. You should also routinely check your pool slide for leaves and brush them away.
After your last swim of the year, if you plan to keep the pool slide in place, clean it thoroughly. Make sure to cover both the slide and the pool with a quality cover to protect them from falling leaves and debris during the coming months.


For most of us, winter is devoid of outdoor pool fun. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep maintaining your pool and water slide. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, prepare the pool equipment for winter by draining and storing hoses and winterizing the pool pump and filter. You may have to lower the water level and use special winter chemicals.

Occasionally check the pool’s water level and chemicals and remove any debris that accumulates on the cover. Use a cover pump to remove excess water from the cover and don’t forget to continue shocking the pool to prevent algae growth.

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Protect Your Pool and Pool Slide All Year Long

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If you love your custom pool slide and in-ground pool, make sure you’re taking good care of it during each and every season! These expert tips will help you continue to enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come.

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