Water Slide Maintenance Kits


We have partnered with SlideRenu to provide Water Slide Maintenance Kits to help you care and maintain your Beautiful Custom Home Pool Slide. Get yours today!

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Get your Water slide looking Beautiful for Summer! See below for what’s included in the pool slide maintenance kit.

Water Slide – SlideDetergent

SlideDetergent™ is a uniquely formulated water based technology that quickly breaks down and dissolves a variety of “HARD-TOREMOVE” surface contaminants on water slides and other aquatic features. It may also be used on splash pad surfaces, pool decks, soft foam play features, pool tile and plastic slides. Extremely effective in dissolving dirt, body-grime, bird droppings,

water shoe marks, leaf stains, scum lines and other unwanted hard-to-remove surface residue. SlideDetergent™ contains no harmful acids, ammonia, petroleum distillates and is readily biodegradable. It rinses clean without leaving any white residue. The negligible amount of SlideDetergentl™ used WILL NOT CHANGE THE WATER CHEMISTRY OF THE POOL WATER.

Water Slide scale remover – Calcitrol

Calcitrol® is a highly concentrated non-fuming low PH organic salt liquid which aids in the removal of calcium carbonate, calcium silicate and other hard to remove soluble salts/scale build-up that cling to the surfaces of water slides. Calcitrol® is more effective, biodegradable, contains no VOC’s or phosphates and safer than other surface

damaging etching acids such as muriatic, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. The negligible amount of Calcitrol® used WILL NOT CHANGE THE WATERCHEMISTRY OF THE POOL WATER.

Water Slide – SlideCompound

SlideCompound™ is a mild /semi-aggressive grit polishing compound which contains micro-silica abrasives that deep clean and remove heavy oxidation, minor scratches, leaf stains, surface

rust, water shoe black marks, bird droppings, water scum lines and other surface contaminants. Its unique “micro-silica” particles provide the most effective cutting action to quickly prepare the water slide surface for the application of SlideWax™. All the ingredients are inert in the environment or biodegradable to non-hazardous compounds. One quart will typically polish the interior surface of a 50 linear foot open body slide; approximately 500 sq. ft.

Water Slide – SlideWax

SlideWax™ is a nanotechnology copolymer wax that has been formulated to bond to fiberglass to protect water slides from the damaging effects of UV rays, harsh weather conditions and environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor water slide surfaces prematurely. SlideWax™ rehydrates surfaces to bring back the deep reflective luster and “LIKE NEW SHINE” to dull looking water slides. The “ULTRA SLICK FINISH” reduces slow spots on the interior riding surface and the deep penetrating wax magnifies the gloss on exterior surfaces to deliver the highest level of protection from the elements unlike any other wax. Significantly outperforms carnauba, car and marine waxes. Depending on rider usage, geographic location and weather conditions, one application typically lasts up to 3 months. One quart will wax the interior surface of a standard 50 linear foot open flume body slide, roughly 500 sq. ft.

Water Slide – Slide Gloss

SlideGloss® is a unique sprayable water repellent finishing wax that produces the quickest “WET LOOK SHINE” to dull color faded fiberglass water slides. It has been specially formulated to be easily sprayed-on and immediately wiped-off. SlideGloss® requires no rubbing, buffing, cure time or special application tools. Due to its water repellent properties, SlideGloss® provides a protective barrier against scale build up on water sides. The negligible amount of SlideGloss® used WILL NOT CHANGE THE WATER CHEMISTRY OF THE POOL WATER.

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