5 Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Pool and Pool Slide Maintenance

Pool and Pool Slide Maintenance

Having your own pool and pool slides is a lot of fun, but it can also be a big responsibility. You want to make sure you’re doing your part to make sure your pool is eco-friendly. We’re here with some of our top tips for keeping custom slides and pools environmentally friendly with proper maintenance. Read on to learn more.

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1. Use a Pool Cover

We’ll start with the best and easiest thing that homeowners can do after installing pools and water slides for their backyards. As soon as their inground swimming pool construction is complete, they should be using a pool cover.

Covering your pool when it’s not in use will reduce water evaporation. It also helps maintain water temperature and reduces the need for heating.

On top of that, from a practical standpoint, it keeps your pool cleaner and safer when it’s not in use. A pool cover should be one of your first pool-related purchases.

2. Switch to a Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Traditional pool pumps can be massive energy hogs. Wasting energy is bad for the environment and your wallet. Consider upgrading to a variable-speed pool pump, which can allow you to adjust the pump’s speed and flow rate according to your pool’s specific needs.

These pumps consume less electricity, offer quieter operation, extend the life of pool equipment, and conserve water by reducing the frequency of backwashing. This is an easy change to make that won’t change the way you enjoy your pool at all.

3. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

One of the most eco-friendly things you can do regarding pool maintenance is simply to do it more often. Regular checks will save you money and keep your pool as environmentally friendly as possible.

Keeping your pool and slide well-maintained can prevent leaks, water loss, and equipment inefficiency (or failure). By doing regular checks, you’ll catch any leaks or equipment problems faster, allowing you to fix them before they’re able to cause more environmental damage.

4. Reduce Chemical Usage When Possible

When you own pools and water slides, chemical usage is inevitable. Many of these chemicals are bad for the environment, however, so it’s your job as a responsible pool owner to minimize them.

Use pool chemicals sparingly according to the recommended guidelines. Overuse can lead to imbalances in the water and you may need to use even more chemicals to correct those imbalances.

Consider opting for a saltwater pool. Traditional chlorine pools can require a lot of chemicals. Saltwater pools use a salt chlorination system which reduces the need for additional chemicals. They’re far gentler on the environment and they’re safe for your custom slides from Paradise Slides.


On that note, when you’re cleaning your pool or slide, opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products when it’s possible to do so.

5. Aim for Good Water Conservation Practices

Encourage water conservation by discouraging excessive splashing or water play that results in water loss. If you use chemicals in your pool, they’ll get into the environment when the water splashes out and seeps into the ground.

Ensure that the water used for your custom pool slide is efficiently recirculated back into the pool to reduce waste and overflow.

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You Deserve an Eco-Friendly Backyard Oasis

Owning your own backyard pool and pool slide will totally upgrade your outdoor space, but make sure you’re minimizing your harm to the environment in the process. We only get one planet earth, so we should take care of it! These pool maintenance tips will help you do that.

Are you interested in your own custom slide for your backyard oasis? Let Paradise Slides bring your vision to life. Reach out today so we can start creating your custom pool slide!