Ready To Install a Fantastic Residential Water slide? Top 5 Things to Know Before You Do!

Residential water slides are a great way to bring a little extra fun to your backyard that the whole family can enjoy, even the adults! However, there are a few things you must consider and plan for before installing a backyard water slide, and Paradise Slides is here to help you through the process!

Do You Have Space For A Backyard Water slide?

You may have the vision in your head of the custom water slide to put in your backyard, one that twists and turns or traverses down a giant rock wall. You can make that wild dream come true if you have the space.

The biggest thing to consider when building a backyard water slide is if it will actually fit in your backyard. Let or Fun Experts at Paradise Slides help you with design to make sure upi have enough room for your water slide installation. This allows the slide to have plenty of room, so your guests aren’t awkwardly going off the patio, moving through the grass, or awkwardly going under the waterslide to get to the stairs.

Before installing a residential water slide, make sure you have plenty of patio space where you want it placed.

Custom Pool Slide Safety Guidelines

Even the coolest backyard pools with slides need to meet the highest safety standards. When installing a water slide, here are some of the safety measurements you need to consider:

  • 14 feet of clearance between the slide’s exit and the perpendicular wall across the pool
  • The water depth that the slide leads into must be a minimum of 42 inches (3.5 feet)
  • A minimum of 5 feet of clearance on either side of the pool entry to a parallel wall
  • Paradise Slides have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds

Polyethylene vs. Fiberglass Water Slide

Home pool water slides are made from two main types of material: polyethylene and fiberglass.

Polyethylene is one of the most common plastics in the world. It is durable and chemical-resistant. It also keeps its color and shape even through high sun exposure. Polyethylene is typically the more expensive option in slides. However, most people consider fiberglass to be the more luxurious option.

Fiberglass, the material of choice at Paradise Slides, is a high-quality option for custom pool slides. It is incredibly durable, rust-resistant, and low maintenance. Fiberglass is popular because it is so smooth and perfect for riding down.

Both options provide excellent stability for water slides and, most importantly, keep them looking brand new season after season.

Older water slides made of acrylic tend to fade in color due to sun exposure and are susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Caring For Your Water Slide

With a fiberglass water slides, upkeep is very easy. Performing routine checks and maintenance is essential to protecting your water slide so you can use it for summers to come.

We recommend routine inspections before using your water slide to check for any damage. Even though water runs down them, water slides must be washed at least 3-4 times per year. You can use something as simple as dishwashing soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Check out Slide Renu maintenance products for sale on our page.

It is recommended to wax the flume of your water slide at least twice during the operating season with a high-grade paste wax meant for gel coat surfaces.

Check out our other maintenance tips to keep your backyard water slide in tip-top shape!

Are You Allowed to Have Home Pool Water Slides?

Even if you meet all the requirements to have a water slide in your backyard, there could be one more hurdle to jump over: HOA and municipality rules.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can be strict regarding what you can and cannot do to your house when adding additions like a residential waterslide. Your local municipality might also have rules and regulations you need to follow to get clearance to have a water slide.

Check with your HOA or town ordinances to ensure you are allowed to install a waterslide. It is much easier to get the go-ahead beforehand than to fight with HOAs or your local government over regulations and possible fines after your slide is already built.

Pick Your Residential Water Slide Model!

If you have checked off all the boxes, now comes the fun part: choose your water slide! There are so many designs to fit any style and pool. Need some ideas? Look at our gallery of amazing water slides we’ve made to give you some inspiration!

If you have questions about residential water slides and if your pool meets all the specifications to have one installed, give our Fun Experts a call! You can contact our team by calling (706) 865-4849 or email us at [email protected] Paradise Slides can create custom waterslides to help you bring your backyard oasis to life!