5 Expert Tips to Care For Your Custom Pool Slide

At Paradise Slides, we work hard to deliver a custom pool slide, luxury fiberglass waterslide that fits perfectly with your home’s unique aesthetic. Each slide is built directly into your existing landscape, making your backyard oasis cohesive and beautiful. With a bit of vacation built into your backyard, we know you want to preserve your carefully curated slice of paradise.

Custom Pool Slide Care

Dust and dirt may accumulate over time on your outdoor pool slide. It’s only natural to expect a little grime while withstanding the elements and family fun! There are plenty of ways to care for the custom water slide of your dreams, so let’s delve into our expert tips.

  1. Clean Your Pool Slide With Gentle Detergents

At Paradise Slides, we use high-quality commercial components to create your dream water slide. Because we finish our fiberglass slides with a professional gel coat finish, we must use gentle, nonabrasive cleansers to not damage the slide’s outer layer. Harsh cleaners can cause small microtears that develop more over time. To protect the integrity of your Paradise slide, we recommend gentle detergents you would commonly use on your boat. That’s why we offer a maintenance kit approved for use on our slides. If you elect to use another cleaner, test a small patch before cleaning your entire slide for extra precaution!

Use Marine grade products formulated for a gelcoat surface where available.

  1. Wax and Polish Your Fiberglass Water Slide

Now that your pool slide is sparkly clean make your slide glow with some wax or polish. You can use many great UV-blocking boat waxes and self-cleaning marine waxes to stave off weathering signs. Excellent polish and gentle cleansers are the best way to keep your pool slide’s original shine.

When purchasing a wax or polish for your custom pool slide, please read the directions on the back to ensure it is chlorine resistant and has UV-blocking qualities! Waxing is essential in the Spring and Summer months to protect against the sun.

  1. Establish a Care Routine For Your Backyard Waterslide

When caring for your pool slide, it is always better to start earlier! Prevent oxidization, buildup, and tears in your backyard oasis by establishing an easy care routine that pays off in the future. Clean your pool slide with a gentle detergent and wax it 3-4 times per year for best results. Creating an easy routine will keep bacteria and scum out of your private oasis. It’s an easy chore and can help the kids earn a little extra money!

  1. Annual Residential Pool Slide Maintenance

Every year there are a few extra steps you should take to preserve the integrity of your gorgeous water slide. To keep it in top condition, here are a few things you should do each year. We recommend doing your annual check in the spring if you have freezing winters:

  1. Check your water supply system for leaks and wear.

  2. Take a peak at the treads on your ladder to see if they are worn, and replace them to prevent slips. Inspect the bolts and screws on your slide and clean off any rust, and tighten them as needed.

  3. Reread your warning labels and bring yourself back up to date.

     4. Preserve Your Custom Slide With Light Repairs if needed

We know your family will have loads of fun and make lots of memories using your new Paradise pool slide. However, you may need to complete light repairs that are easy to do yourself after some time. Catching these early is imperative to keeping your slide luxurious! For example, if you find a small scratch, polish it with a high-quality plastic cleaner or gel polish. Additionally, replace any bolts that have gone missing or are unsavable. Finally, if you notice the grips on your ladder becoming dull, replacing them is easy.

Final Thoughts

Transform your home into a private vacation and whisk yourself away to paradise at any time. Home pool slides are an attractive and fun way to spice up your backyard. With custom, fiberglass pool slides from Paradise Slides, you can entertain your kids, have fun in the sun, host incredible pool parties, and more! So check out our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook for inspiration on your next pool project, and treat yourself to the getaway your family deserves!