5 Fun Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Pool Slide

1. Get a Fun Colored Pool Slide

Having a pool slide can be an excellent way to liven up your backyard and make bonding with your family easier than ever. With a pool slide, you can play plenty of games and activities with your friends and family. While there are plenty of benefits of having an ordinary pool slide, you may want to spice up your residential water slide with some upgrades. There are so many unique features and designs that you can add to your pool and water slide. These features will simply elevate your backyard and make it more beautiful, fun, and interesting. Here are some of the 5 best ways to upgrade your pool slide space!

Custom Home Pool Slide

Model PS68L-C in Blue 4108-68

Fiberglass pool slides are sturdy, durable, and have Gel-Coat that can last more than a decade without needing retouching with proper maintenance. Although long-lasting Gel-Coat is surely a testament to our quality, we know that sometimes, you just need to change things up with color! At Paradise Slides, we offer 8 colors for your pool slides to come in. Each color is unique and can either be used to match your backyard color scheme or as a pop of color in your yard. Colors include blue, aqua, platinum, white, beige, ivory, clay, and sand.

2. Add a Waterfall to Your Swimming Pool Slide

Kick off the vacation vibes by adding a beautiful waterfall to your swimming pool slides. Waterfalls add a level of serenity to your backyard, making it feel like a relaxing retreat. You can add a waterfall directly next to your slide or make the waterfall flow directly over your head as you slide down. Paradise Slides residential water slides can be custom-made so that you can get every detail exactly how you want it. Decide where to add a waterfall and how you want it to look when embedded with your pool slide.

3. Make a Unique Staircase Leading to Your Water Slide

Swimming Pool Slide

One of the best ways to elevate your pool slide is to turn your boring residential slide ladder into a luxury staircase. You can also personalize the staircase so that it fits the vibes of your backyard. For instance, the stairs can be made into a cave. In this case, the boulders would form into an archway leading up to the top of the slide. Some people also create a roped staircase, which makes the slide look like it belongs in a tropical location. So no matter what your desired style is, Paradise slides can provide you with a luxury slide to fit your backyard design.

4. Incorporate Your Pool Slide Into Natural Landscaping

Water Slide, Pool Slide

Model PS33R-C in Cafe  – Install by Peak Pools, TN

Emphasize the beauty of your natural environment by incorporating your residential slide into your landscaping. Slide through your garden full of colorful flowers and vibrant bushes for a refreshing and nature-immersed water slide. If you spend money on landscaping and making your backyard nice, you should get the most out of it. You can enjoy a relaxing time going down the waterslide and seeing the beautiful greenery. Using your landscaping to decorate and design your slide keeps the slide from looking too industrial.

5. Surround Your Pool Slide With Lighting Fixtures

Paradise Slides

Model PS36R-C in Beige install by Seven Seas Pools, PA 3059-36

Like nearly all things aesthetically pleasing, the secret to a beautiful pool is lighting. Adding light fixtures to your pool and pool slide can be a simple way to upgrade your backyard. Lighting can change the vibes of your outdoor pool and make your backyard a more lively atmosphere. Going for a night swim can now be a more ethereal experience.

While everyone knows you can add lights to your pool, you may be surprised to know you can also line your pool slide with lights. This makes it easy to walk the path up to your pool slide at night, making night swims safe and fun.

Upgrade Your Pool With Paradise Slides

If you want to upgrade or remodel your pool, contact paradise slides today! We can help you with all things water slides and even give you a free quote.