Top 6 Swimming Pool Rules for Homes With a Custom Water Slide

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Model PS45L-S in Beige

There’s no doubt that having an inground swimming pool is a great way to make your house fun for everyone, including your friends and family. There are plenty of core memories to be made and fun family games to be played. But like everything in life, fun times are best enjoyed with a few rules to keep everyone safe. After all, falling and getting hurt can be a major party foul. So here are some of our top 6 swimming pool rules at Paradise Slides.

1.                Walk Don’t Run to Your Residential Water Slide

The #1 rule of any pool is never to run. The wet patio surrounding your residential pool can be incredibly slippery and cause serious injuries. When having a residential water slide, we know there can be great excitement surrounding the fun of a speedy slide. But it is important to enforce the walk, don’t run rule. The last thing you want is to have someone slip while racing to go down the water slide first.

2.                Don’t Allow Dangerous Tricks Down Your Backyard Water Slide

Leave the parkour to the professionals, and don’t allow any dangerous tricks while sliding down your backyard water slide. Sure, it may sound fun to try and do a crazy, cool backflip off the water slide. And maybe you have successfully done a risky maneuver off a water slide that one time twenty years ago, but the risk of injury is never worth it. Depending on the dangerous trick, you could find yourself with a broken bone, concussion, or even worse. Stick to basic water sliding techniques and keep everyone safe.

3.                No Roughhousing on the Fiberglass Water Slide

Our fiberglass water slides at Paradise Slides are very sturdy and made from high-quality material. But even still, you should always be wary of roughhousing on a water slide and even in the pool. We know it can be hard to prevent roughhousing, but it is best to refrain from it, so there aren’t any accidents. Do your best not to let your children wrestle each other down the slide, and don’t let anyone play chicken in the pool.

4.                People Who Can’t Swim Are Not Allowed to Use Your Home Pool Water Slide

This may sound obvious, but sometimes people who can’t swim will still try to join in the fun by going down the water slide. The home pool water slide may seem fun and harmless, but once you fall into the water, you will need to be able to swim back up to the surface. The waterslide is also usually placed in the deep end. If someone who does not know how to swim uses the water slide, they could easily find themselves in a drowning situation. So try to find other ways to engage with your non-swimming friends and set up other fun activities.

5.                Don’t Go Down the Swimming Pool Slide When Someone is in the Way

Always check to see if anyone is in the way before going down the swimming pool slide. Going down the swimming pool slide can get dangerous if someone is in the way. Once you are launched into the pool, you could hit someone and not only injure them, but you can also be seriously hurt. For longer slides, you should check to ensure no one is still on the slide before you go down.

6.                Only Allow One Person To Go Down the Residential Pool Slide At a Time

Residential pool slides are built to only support one person at a time. If you put two or more people on the slide, you risk bumping one another off the rims of the slide or even being too heavy for the slide. Sliding one person at a time minimizes the dangerous possibilities and keeps the water slide safe and fun for everyone.

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