Get your Residential Water Slide Ready for Summer!

It’s that time of year again to get your Residential Water Slide in good riding condition. The pollen season is coming to an end, at least for us in the South, which means it is time to wash and wax your home pool slide and give it a good buffing. Not only will this ensure that the gelcoat on your water slide keeps its luster, but it will help to protect it from the elements and will also give you that slick finish which makes it ready for Sliding! Proper Pool Slide maintenance is the key to getting your Water Slide to keep giving back year after year of fun and excitement!  Get your backyard water slide looking Beautiful and functional for those Epic pool parties! Paradise Slides is soon to carry some SlideRenu product Kits to keep your water slides looking fabulous. Stay tuned for the pool slide maintenance kits, these should be available soon. Once you have your residential water slide looking and functioning great, then invite some friends and family over to enjoy your pool slide. A Paradise Water Slide is not only a little tikes water slide, our slides are fun for the little kids, the big kids, and for the adults that still think they are kids. Let’s face it we know it’s been a long while coming…. We hope you enjoy our water slides as much as we do.

If you don’t have a Paradise Slides water slide, then we offer 16 Standard Waterslide Designs, which can be mirrored for right or left turns or easily modified into a custom slide.  Custom Designed Pool Slides are our specialty and can be any length and designed to fit your space. Our Residential Water Slides are available in earth tone colors as well as designer colors to coordinate with your landscaping or pool project.  Check out the Color Options Tab on our website to choose your color.  Check out our Photo Gallery of custom home pool slides and see for yourself. For each of our residential water slides in our multi-piece water slides we provide custom stainless steel swivel mounting brackets and all of the sealant and stainless steel fasteners needed for installation.  You provide the concrete piers, plumbing, and pump.