Custom Pool Slides for Inground Swimming Pools

On the Fence About Getting a Custom Pool Slide for inground swimming pools? Here’s What Some Satisfied Custom Pool Slide Owners Have to Say!

Having an Custom Pool Slide for inground swimming pools is an incredible luxury. It creates your private oasis where you can unwind and enjoy time with your friends and family. However, a custom water slide can take things to the next level. To help you get down off the fence and make a decision about installing a gorgeous fiberglass water slide, here’s a look at some of the many incredible things pool owners have to say about Paradise Slides.


Top Reviews from Top Customers


  1. “It is AWESOME!”

Jason D. from Maryland is beyond thrilled with his custom pool slide. He wanted to ensure that his slide would enhance the look and value of his property, and we delivered. Our beautiful slides are designed to bring out the best in your landscaping and hardscaping features while adding a splash of fun to your space.


  1. “Getting the slide was the best decision ever.”

That’s what Marty S. from Indiana believes. Their goal was to enhance their property to bring the whole family together, and they definitely feel that goal was achieved. Because their yard wasn’t able to accommodate the pool depth required for a diving board, they decided to make their inground pool more fun and enjoyable with a custom pool slide from Paradise Slides. It was all worth it! The net result was that, according to Marty, the “whole family and friends look forward to a long season of getting to use the slide.”


  1. “The water slide was and always will be the most popular spot.”

After a big party with friends and loved ones, Wayne from Pennsylvania declared that his custom water slide was the highlight of the event. He feels deeply rewarded by the fact that he decided to install a custom pool slide for his inground pool where people can have fun and make amazing memories.


  1. “Our dream backyard.”

One Georgia homeowner wanted to thank us for helping their family create the backyard and swimming pool of their dreams. They shared that they enjoyed a much smaller water slide in their previous home and knew they wanted a custom pool slide for their new home. The bigger, better Paradise slide blew them out of the water! As a result, they are able to maximize their time in their outdoor living space with a beautiful water feature that provides hours of fun for everyone.


  1. “Excellent quality!”

Beyond fun, it’s important to us to always ensure the highest degree of quality from each of our custom water slides. Steve K. was happy to report that we delivered on that promise. Rest assured that Paradise Slides will always go the extra mile to ensure that our custom pool slides are manufactured with excellence for a standard of safety, functionality, and beauty far exceeding the competition.


  1. “Used non-stop! We will be adding the duplicate slide!”

Phil C. and his household are absolutely in love with their custom pool slide. He wanted us to know that the slide has been a huge hit with his family and that people are enjoying the thrill and beauty of the slide just about every single day. As a result, they decided to enhance their pool and slide experience even further by adding another custom pool slide to the other side. In doing so, they’ll be able to have races while doubling their fun.


  1. “Excellent customer service and excellent products.”

We’re always delighted to hear when people are having a great time using their water slide, but it’s even more joyful to hear that they had a great experience working directly with us at Paradise Slides. Shawn R. from Alabama appreciated the quality of our customer service, installation, and custom pool slides and wanted to express that no one should ever hesitate to work with us when creating the swimming pool and backyard water slide of their dreams.


After reading these rave reviews, we hope you’re feeling more excited than ever about installing a residential swimming pool slide. Get in touch with us for more customer referrals and reviews, and schedule a consultation to about your custom pool slides for inground swimming pools. Check out our social media links.