Residential Water slides Rule! – But So Does Safety

Top 3 Reasons to Create a Residential Water slide Rule Safety Sign

If you’ve got a residential water slide, your house is probably the hottest place in the neighborhood! Of course, everyone wants to be friends with the family with a swimming pool and slide, so you’re used to hosting parties and having friends come over to enjoy your space. But your pool can’t be a free-for-all. Whether your swimming guests are children or adults, it’s in your best interest to post a clear sign that states the safety rules for your slide and your backyard oasis. Here are three primary reasons why you should invest in pool signage.

Top 3 Reasons to Hang a Rules Sign for Your Fiberglass Water slide

  1. Keep Everyone Safe

You installed a custom home pool slide because you wanted to have fun, and part of having fun is making sure that everyone can enjoy themselves safely. When you choose to post a pool and/or slide rules slide, you’re taking an important step to get the whole crown on board with what is – and what isn’t – acceptable behavior. Without signage, your guests might not know that having more than one person on the slide at a time could pose a safety hazard or that using the slide while intoxicated is risky. When the rules are posted, everyone knows what is expected of them and can enjoy their time in the water without injuring themselves or others.

  1. Maintain a Level Head

In the event that someone does get hurt while playing in the in-ground swimming pool, you need to be able to keep your cool and get help. Many homeowners choose to post signs that list instructions for what to do in case of an emergency, such as how to turn off water to the slide or to call 911. Having those steps listed out can help you and others to stay calm and level-headed and to take the right actions.

  1. Protect Yourself

Although homeowners’ insurance covers any liability issues for residences with swimming pools and pool slides, you can never do too much to protect yourself. Choosing to post slide rules will show that you are a responsible and caring homeowner who is looking out for the safety of those around you.

Swimming Pool Slide Rules Sign Requirements

Here in the state of Georgia, there are no state laws regarding in-ground swimming pool slide rules, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need signage. Always check your city charter or municipal regulations to see what may be expected of you as a homeowner. And while the state doesn’t mandate signs for residences, it does require waterslide rules signs in public places. There are specific rules that must be listed, and you can look to these for inspiration in designing and ordering your own signage.

We’ve also got a few suggestions. Some of the most common home water slide rules include:

  • One slide rider at a time
  • No diving or jumping from the water slide
  • No hanging on the bottom of the slide
  • Walk – don’t run to the pool slide
  • Right feet-forward only
  • No roughhousing on the slide structure
  • Do not use slide under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • In case of an emergency call 911

In addition to a list of residential water slide rules, we also suggest clearly marking the area where the water shut-off for the slide is located.

How to Post a Custom Home Pool Slide Rules Sign

In general, an inground swimming pool waterslide safety rules sign should be 36” by 36”. You’ll want to use clear lettering, large font type, and embossed lettering that will not fade with exposure to the sun. The sign should be posted conspicuously so that all guests see it and understand the rules and expectations. You might consider mounting the sign to your swimming pool safety fence or to the side of your swimming pool slide structure.

Addressing safety standards and getting the rules out in the open makes it possible for everyone to have the best time enjoying your custom fiberglass pool slide. Are you ready to transform your yard into a fun and thrilling oasis? Talk to our team to determine which slide is the best fit for your home today.

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