Residential Water Slide – 5 Things to Consider Before Selecting The Perfect Slide

Selecting the right residential water slide to go with your backyard can be a big deal. You must choose a pool slide that fits into your backyard aesthetic and enhances the look while adding fun to your inground swimming pool. This can be stressful since it will likely become a permanent or at least long-term part of your backyard.

That’s why you should consider a few things, such as the material, height, length, color, and model pool slide you want, before deciding which slide to purchase. After you have thought about these characteristics and decided what type of slide you want, you will be ready to turn your residential pool into a mini waterpark!

Residential Water Slide

2.                The Material of a Residential Water Slide

Selecting the material for your new residential water slide is an important decision since the material determines how well it will hold up in the sun. It can also determine how often the pool slide will need maintenance.

Luckily, the decision is fairly easy since the two best and most modern materials for pool slides include fiberglass and molded polyethylene plastic. A fiberglass water slide is high quality, durable, sturdy, and rust resistant, making it our choice of material at Paradise Slides. Most older, more traditional pool slides are made with acrylic. However, they tend to fade easily under the sunlight and also form rust.

2.                The Height of the Pool Slide

The height of your pool slide may depend on how steep you want the slide to be and the shape of the slide. For instance, if you want a slide that has multiple curves on the way down, you will need to start the slide from a higher point. You should also work with a pool slide company such as Paradise Slides, Inc. to determine how high the pool slide should be compared to the length and design of your custom home pool slide. This is because the height of your pool slide also determines helps determine the length of your water slide. This all within the design scope of your residential water slide.

Our Pool Slide Colors

Model PS75L-C in Sand – 393

3.                The Length of the Inground Swimming Pool Slide

Another essential point to consider is how long you should make your inground swimming pool slide. While longer pool slides mean you will have a longer slide time, they may be challenging to fit in your backyard. Having a longer pool slide may also mean you have more room to add twists and turns to the slide. Think about what you value in a pool and decide what is most important to you. When picking a length, you should measure your backyard and work closely with a pool slide company such as Paradise Slides, Inc. That way, you can determine the best length for your inground swimming pool slide.

Custom Home Pool Slide

Model PS50L-C in Blue 87

4.                The Size of Your Custom Home Pool Slide

When picking the pool slide size, you may want to consider who will use the slide. Not all residential water slides are only meant for children. In fact, larger pool slides can also be extremely fun for adults. If you think you may want to join in the fun and go down the slide with your kids, family, and friends, get a bigger pool slide. Our Multi-piece Slides can hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs or above are perfect for adults and children to use.

Pool Slide

Model PS76RSG-C in Clay with Splash Guards 283

5.                The Shape of the Residential Water Slide

Of course, a residential water slide is only as fun as the twists and turns built into it. At Paradise Slides, we have over 16 different models to choose from so that you can have your dream water slide. These include slides with one bend, s-shaped slides, u-shaped slides, and long and straight slides. Our wide variety of shapes can even be modified so that you can add length and a steeper slope. We can work with you to help you find the perfect waterslide to fit your backyard while giving you the most fun! Check out our Facebook page for more ideas.

Residential Water Slide

PS61L-C in Cafe (Color Replaced by Clay) 6209-61

Custom Home Pool Slides With Paradise Slides

If you can’t find exactly the right slide for you, you can always design your own custom water slide with Paradise Slides. Call us at (706)865-4849 or email us at to discuss creating a custom home pool slide.