Awesome Backyard Water Slide, 5 Epic Ways to Maximize Your Speed

Paradise Slides Backyard Water Slides for kids and adults are known for their sleek, beautiful aesthetic, but they’re also known for creating big fun! One of our favorite ways to have a good time in your swimming pool is to show off your speed and skills when sailing down the slide. Here are a few foolproof tricks for achieving maximum speed and impressing your friends and family.

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Tip #1: Wear Less Clothing as You Go Down Your Backyard Water Slide!

The more you wear, the more friction will exist between you and the home pool slide. This means you’re going to move slower, and you may even get stuck! The trick to avoiding friction is to minimize what you’re wearing. Bikini bottoms and speedos will allow you to fly at top speeds down the slide. If you’re a swim trunks person, you might consider buying smaller, more form-fitting swimwear. And while you might like wearing a t-shirt in the pool, pull it off for slide races. All that extra fabric will only bog you down.

Tip #2: Know the Physics of a Backyard Water Slide

If you really have the need for speed, you’ll want to achieve maximum aerodynamics. The smaller and more streamlined you’re able to manipulate your body shape, the faster you’ll move. So, what’s the ideal position for going down a residential water slide? We recommend crossing your arms and legs as you lay back. This will allow the forces of gravity and the rushing water to push your body along with minimum resistance.

Tip #3: On Shorter Straighter Slides, Arch Your Back Down the Swimming Pool Slide

This one should only be used on shorter straighter slides. While we’re on the topic of reducing friction and resistance, let’s look at another helpful tip. One big part of hitting top speed on a fiberglass water slide is to make sure your body comes into contact with the slide in as few points as possible. Some waterslide connoisseurs recommend arching your back and tensing your core. When you do this while crossing your arms and legs, you can ensure that your body will only touch the slide at your shoulder blades and a single heel. The results speak for themselves.

Tip #4: Don’t Fight the Curves of Your Fiberglass Water Slide

If your in-ground swimming pool slide has a curve, you need to go with the flow! Too many people tense up and try to brace themselves for twists and turns, which slows them down. Instead, relax your body and trust gravity and the water to do their job to propel you smoothly around those curves at high speeds.

Tip #5: Adjust Water Flow for Your Residential Pool Slides

Making even slight adjustments to the flow of water can help you to get a move on! Paired with low friction and resistance, a slightly faster flow can push you down the slide faster than ever. Don’t go overboard, though! Safety should always be a priority.

The Design of Your Custom Water Slide Matters

Following these tips will absolutely help you improve your speed and form, but they’ll only get you so far. In order to have the greatest experience, you need to start with a stellar custom pool slide design. A significant amount of hard work and careful planning goes into developing a slide that is not only gorgeous, but that will keep everyone happy. You want a slide that’s designed to allow you to go fast without making you fear for your life or compromise safety. Here are a handful of things to take into consideration:

  • Shape – When selecting a slide design, be aware that the shape will impact the physics. Although curvy slides certainly offer speed, slides with smaller curves or straight slides will help you achieve maximum velocity with less resistance.
  • Vertical Drop – If you’re someone who wants to set records on your water slide, you’ll want to find a slide with a steeper vertical drop. These are offered on our smaller length slides.
  • Materials – Not all fiberglass is created equally. If you want your slide to last a long time and keep you flying, you need to choose a slide designed with strong, quality fiberglass materials.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our water slides, you can give us a call at (706)865-4849. We can help you select the best backyard water slide to fit your backyard. You can also get a better sense of what our pool slides look like by checking out our previous work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.