4 Patio Decks to Match Your Backyard Water Slide

Pick the Best Pool Deck For your Backyard Water Slide

If you already have your outdoor pool, pick a backyard water slide to match your patio deck and pool. Your patio deck can heavily contribute to the look and design of your backyard since the material’s color, texture, and shape can modify the entire aesthetic.

Because of this, you can match your backyard water slide, so it fits in with the look of your backyard oasis. Alternatively, you can get a whole revamping of your backyard and change out the patio, so it is more cohesive with your pool slide.

We understand that learning about the various patio decks can be overwhelming. That’s why we will be breaking down the most popular pool decks and how you can get one to match your inground swimming pool slide.

1.  Integrate Your Fiberglass Water Slide Into Your Tiled Patio Deck

When you have a tiled patio deck, you can select from a wide range of colors, sizes, textures, and styles. This makes it easy to add a fiberglass water slide and stylistically design your backyard. With the right materials, you can ensure your backyard has a cohesive look. While tile can sometimes be more expensive depending on what type you choose to use, it can be a stunning choice for your backyard.

Just be sure to get a sample of each tile before selecting one so you can test it to see if it is slippery the right material for your climate or the right color. Since the color of the tiles is very versatile, you can choose nearly any color fiberglass water slide to match your tiled patio deck. The Clay pool slide color easily blends in with a natural look.

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Model PS52L-C in Clay, Install by Quality Pool Service, AZ – 502

2.  Add a Brick Deck to Go with Your Backyard Water Slide

Clay brick pool decks can make a beautiful addition to your backyard. It can create a classic and sophisticated look that will elevate your backyard. The earthy tones of a brick patio can match well with essentially any residential waterslide, especially the clay and sand colored slides. These lighter-colored custom home pool slides will fit in perfectly with your brick deck.

Not only are brick decks stunning, but they are also naturally slip-resistant. This makes them an excellent choice for a family backyard with a residential water slide. While everyone knows you shouldn’t run on the pool deck, running can be inevitable with kids (and sometimes adults). Just picture everyone racing to go down the water slide first.

Custom Home Pool Slide, backyard water slide, residential water slide

Model PS43L-C in Clay, install by Paragon Pools, TX 374

3.  Design an Inground Swimming Pool Slide to Spruce up Your Concrete Pool Deck

Poured concrete pool decks have long been one of the most popular materials for pool decks. Concrete pool decks are inexpensive, sleek, and can be dyed in different colors. While they are easy to install, they can be more difficult to maintain since they can get damaged and crack.

Concrete pool decks are also cool and smooth and will look good with an inground swimming pool slide. While many traditional-style backyards use concrete, it can also be modernized to fit the look of new, sophisticated homes. If you ever decide you don’t like the look of the concrete, you can also customize it with an overlay. An overlay is a thin layer of cement that can enhance the appearance.

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Model PS40L-C in Ivory, Install by BCI Construction, IL – 495

4.  Embed Your Custom Home Pool Slide Into a Wood Patio Deck

Wood patio decks can give your backyard patio some warmth while adding a distinct charm. They look very natural and have a softer look than backyards that are covered in concrete. The wood patio will also be a nice contrast to your custom home pool slide since it will be a warm tone with various natural patterns from the trees. Pool patios made from wood specifically match well with sand or clay color custom home pool slides since they also have more earthy colors.

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Model PS22T10L-S in Aqua, install by Dr Arts Pools, Tx


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