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The terms and conditions below reflect the common business practices of ("we/our/us") which apply unless other arrangements are made with the client ("you/yours").

Copyrights: In accordance with the United States and International Law we hold the copyright on any design, concept, or other creative work furnished unless other arrangements are agreed to in writing. We reserve the right to be the sole fabricator of any water slide we have designed and to display our work or images of our work for portfolio purposes. With the purchase of a "water slide", the above rights are granted, but we will not specifically endeavor to create a design that meets all of the above application criteria. When a "water slide design" has been purchased, we will endeavor to supply a design that meets all the above application criteria. All drawings showing our trademark are our intellectual property and may not be copied, reproduced, or forwarded to others by any means without our express permission. In cases where a logo, artwork, or other elements are provided by you to us, you warrant that the subject matter is not copyrighted by a third party or that you have been granted permission to use the copyrighted material. To support these warranties, you agree to indemnify us in any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced.

Transfer Of Title: All work, both electronic and tangible, becomes your property once the final balance payment has been received. We are not responsible for the storage of data or tangible assets unless otherwise, billable arrangements are under contract.

Website Policy: In reference to ALL content, both literal and pictorial, on this site and all others developed and maintained by All written content, visual representations, designs, imagery, and correspondence are the intellectual property of and protected under copyright law. Any duplication of said content or any element is in direct violation of that law and will result in IMMEDIATE legal action.

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